The internet greatly affects our world and our way of living. It enhances and modifies our lives and it creates easy access and a lot of opportunities.

Amidst all the good stuffs that the internet provides us, little did we know that behind the success of the internet, the programmers and the companies behind it are at war. As we all know, competition among companies are just like any other competitions; one may succeed, one may fail.

In this documentary, you will witness the biggest internet browser wars. 

Microsoft Corporation, the biggest corporation, was threatened by the rising Netscape Communications. Netscape is in the verge of defeating Microsoft even though they lack funds and man power. Because of the threat, Microsoft did everything so that they will still be the best and biggest corporation.

This just shows that in every success a person or a company has, there will also be others who aspire to be the best. It is in our hands to impose our own strategies to be known and to save and protect the things we worked hard for.

Thanks to Microsoft and Netscape for not just providing us browsers that puts our life at ease, but also for teaching us life lessons on how to handle competitions and on how to rise again wheneverr we fall.



Talisa Luiselle Odchigue Quimsing, 19, Philippines!!!!!!

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Since it’s my 19th birthday, here are 19 facts about me.

  1. People always ask me on where I got my name. So here it is… I was named after Talisa Soto, a Hollywood star who played Princess Kitana in the movie Mortal Combat. My mom really loved the way she portrayed Princess Kitana. And admit it, TALISA is quite a unique name. *wink*
  2. I don’t like chorizo. Its smell makes me vomit.giphy.gif Continue reading “19th”